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embracing our actions


If I were to re-write my story in a fictional manner perhaps I would change my character? Perhaps I could be the mother who did scream when her child died. Or the mother who sat down with the doctor and asked one thousand relevant questions. Or the mother who heard the words ‘nothing can be done’ and said ‘not good enough – do SOMETHING!!’  But this is not a fictional story and the character I play best is simply me and that is OKAY!

The truth?  I did none of these things, said none of these things. I had so many thoughts and feelings flooding my mind at the time that I felt completely overwhelmed and defeated. In the early days and years after Matthew and Jessie’s deaths I did question my actions. Why did I not spend more time with them before their funeral? Why did I not take more photographs? Could I have fought the medical system and demanded that my children be given a chance to fight for their lives?

Time has this amazing ability to bring clarity, understanding and acceptance into our lives but it is important to remember that we can never return to an event in our past and see it through the same lens as when we were in that actual moment.

We can choose to spend our lives questioning our actions – going over and over the events and pondering a different outcome. But these thoughts will not bring our children back to life. Because they have died. And that has to be it – that has to be the full stop of that thought process.

What can we do?  We can embrace our actions and decisions – our uniqueness.

YOU did enough. YOU said enough. YOU ARE enough.

Yours in words,


ALL MY CHILDREN: a poetic memoir of pregnancy, loss and love


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Ingrid Clare, Artist – the story behind my cover art


A huge thank you goes to this amazing Sunshine Coast artist, Ingrid Clare who created the beautiful painting that I have used as my book cover art.  When I saw this art piece last year I knew immediately that it was the perfect image to help tell my story.  To me, it represents vulnerability, strength and gentle courage and it proudly sits on my bedroom wall.  So, who is Ingrid Clare?

Ingrid Clare has been creative since her early childhood. A life changing trip to Africa in her twenties, after suffering a brain tumour which has resulted in living with a rare illness, inspired her to start painting as a career.

Ingrid has developed her own recognisable style and aims to create a connection with the viewer, and depict the essence of nature and all living beings. ”If we can see ourselves reflected in animals and nature we are more likely to defend and protect them.”

Her paintings are available from Stay Wild Boutique, Yandina on the Sunshine Coast. She also has her own line of greeting cards, calendars and other products available on her website.

Ingrid holds regular workshops. and will be hosting workshops in early 2018 specialising in painting, resin and digital art.

Ingrid’s website:

Words and love,






I received this week the advance copy of my new book All My Children – what an awesome way to start 2018. To finally hold the finished product in my hands after such a long time of writing, dreaming (and making excuses not to finish) is quite overwhelming.

The past several months have been less about writing and more about learning how to publish. Just when I thought I had finished my book there was suddenly a whole new learning path to travel down.

Becoming an indie author has been an exciting, brain-draining and empowering experience and I look forward to sharing the next step with you all.