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Playground – the story behind the words

playground jpg


I thought I had realised when my waters broke that things were bad. Yet, the clothes I hurriedly packed into a bag before heading to hospital were all maternity clothes. Clothes that would no longer fit me when I left hospital less than one week later – because I would no longer be pregnant.

When I wrote the poem PLAYGROUND for my book ALL MY CHILDREN I was taken back to the moment when I was being examined after my husband and I arrived at the maternity ward.

All you brave mums and dads out there who have been through this, I know you understand. I know that you all remember this moment. When you are hearing those heartbreaking words you do not want to hear.  Words that you can never prepare yourself for.

I don’t actually remember feeling sad at that stage. I guess I was in shock. Shock and disbelief as our world seemed to crumble beneath us.

What am I thankful for? I am thankful that I had someone to share these moments with. Someone to hold hands with. Someone who could look me in the eyes and share this pain.

What got you through your moment?


Yours in words,






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