pregnancy loss

Straw – the story behind the words

straw jpg


I figured when my waters broke it would be like in the movies – you know what I mean? Like I would be out somewhere and feel them go. I would look over to my partner and tell him ‘its time’. Then we would grab our well prepared hospital bag and head off to the maternity unit where we would be greeted as awesome legends about to contribute to the Earth’s population.

The truth is, only about 10 – 15% of women experience a membrane rupture at the commencement of labour so chances are you may never get to have your movie moment!

Out of my five deliveries, I only experienced membrane rupture at the commencement of labour with my daughter Jessie and the poem STRAW in my book ALL MY CHILDREN details this moment. I was just twenty two and a half weeks pregnant and – like many mothers who experience premature membrane rupture – this was not a moment of nervous excitement, but instead a moment of terrible realisation.

The smell of sweet straw is embedded into this memory, this day, this moment.

Yours in words,






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