I received this week the advance copy of my new book All My Children – what an awesome way to start 2018. To finally hold the finished product in my hands after such a long time of writing, dreaming (and making excuses not to finish) is quite overwhelming.

The past several months have been less about writing and more about learning how to publish. Just when I thought I had finished my book there was suddenly a whole new learning path to travel down.

Becoming an indie author has been an exciting, brain-draining and empowering experience and I look forward to sharing the next step with you all.


3 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR”

  1. Thank you Michelle for sharing your personal journey in your book “all my Children” giving such a heartfelt and soulful insight to a sadly taboo subject, is such a positive way to support and inform those that have travelled the same journey.
    I wish you every success with the book launch and look forward to reading your next book.


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